1:18 Holden VE Commodore SS - NSW Police Highway Patrol Car

1:18 Holden VE Commodore SS - NSW Police Highway Patrol Car

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Product Description: 1:18 Scale Holden VE Commodore SS - NSW Police Highway Patrol Car - Heron White

Limited Edition Number: To be announced

Product Specifications: Die-cast model car with detailed interior, fully opening parts and police modifications

About This Product:

Holden were arguably at the peak of their powers when the iconic Australian car manufacturer launched their brand new VE Commodore platform and it was inevitable that the new model would ultimately find itself being utilised by police forces and emergency services in various states across the country.

New South Wales was one of the states which used the VE platform for its police vehicle fleet during the models lifetime and we’re excited to present this NSW Police Highway Patrol car which uses our existing VE Commodore tooling. It includes various updates and refinements making it a closer representation of a police car which you can read more about below.

Interestingly, most states of Australia which used the VE as part of their fleet during this time had varying differences with how they turned the model into a Police car based on their individual standards or requirements. Most notably, the roof mounted light bar was one of the main visible distinguishing features that was often different between states and the lighting rig we have opted to use for this model is the one consistent with use by the NSW Police force on this car during the period.

Compared to our VE SS V series road car model in this scale, this Police variant includes a significant range of modifications to the model tooling specifications to bring it in line with what you would expect to see in a police car.

These modifications include the previously mentioned roof mounted light bar with additional roof antennas, round police spotlights mounted on the front bumper, radar, detailed police interior including computer, UHF radio, dash camera system and upgrades to the boot including a rear drawer with light system and fire extinguisher.

Another notable visual difference between this model and our SS V road car release is the different SS wheels and of course, the recognisable police exterior signage and decoration.

Seemingly, there were many numerous car colours used by the NSW Police force and other states across the VE’s lifespan decked out in police trim. We have opted to use the Heron White body exterior colour for our first police car release for a traditional look with more colours to follow in the future.

We’re very excited to be adding the VE police car to our growing range of road based models with this edition scheduled to be produced in 1:18 scale die-cast with fully opening parts with high detail in an exclusive limited edition with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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