Authentic Collectables Partner with Speedcafe and Andrew van Leeuwen For New Shows

We're really excited to announce a new partnership with Speedcafe and Andrew van Leeuwen that will see some great content coming in the future for both motorsport fans and model car collectors alike.

Check out the official news release below and stay tuned for some great content coming up this year.

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Speedcafe launches fresh podcast offerings for 2024:

Three brand new podcasts will lead the offering, two of them coming thanks to an official partnership between Speedcafe and Authentic Collectables.

Australia's premium limited edition model car and collectables brand will back two unique video podcast products as part of the tie-up with Speedcafe.

The first is The Hard Card at Authentic Collectables, which will see Speedcafe's Editorial Director Andrew van Leeuwen interview influential people from around the world of motorsport.

Dr Ryan Story, Team Principal at Shell V-Power Racing, is the first guest.

A second monthly podcast will be hosted by van Leeuwen and Authentic Collectables owner Will Hall with a focus on the news, opinion and the popular world of motorsport collectables.

Role Models with AVL and Will will offer viewers and listeners the chance to show off their own collections, win Authentic Collectables gift cards up for grabs and insight into the latest Authentic Collectables products.

“AVL and I have been mates for quite some time, and on numerous occasions have tried to get the stars to align to work on a project together, so when the opportunity came up to work together, and with a brand like Speedcafe, I jumped at the chance,” said Hall.

“Having been in and around this motorsport caper for longer than I care to admit, I've obviously used Speedcafe daily for all my motorsport news and opinion, so to have been so warmly welcomed into the Speedcafe family has been fantastic.

“I think with the podcast offering we are going to be able to provide is going to be fantastic for not only Authentic Collectables and Speedcafe, but for all the motorsport fans out there that, like me, use Speedcafe for their daily racing fix.”

Both The Hard Card and Role Models will be available on YouTube and through major podcast players.

Another new podcast offering is a left-field weekly news analysis – Full Credit to the Noise.

FCTTN is a spin-off of the hugely successful rugby league show Full Credit to the Boys, hosted by internet personality Former Legend, which wrapped up at the end of last year.

Former Legend, a knowledgeable motorsport fan, will host the fast-moving, unpredictable spin-off along with van Leeuwen in what will be an unmissable listen.

“As a bloke who has spent the past 20 years burying boxes of beer at the top of the Mountain, I'm excited to do a podcast with AVL who is one of the best news breakers in the business,” said Former.

“And my job on Full Credit to the Noise is to ask the questions that the every day punter up on top of the hill wants answered. Oh, and throw in the some school boy humour along the journey.”

The offering will be completed by the RaceFuels Grassroots Racing podcast, hosted by renowned national- and state-level reporter Garry O'Brien.

“This is a complete reset on our podcast offerings and we're not playing it safe,” said van Leeuwen.

“With Full Credit to the Noise we want to do something unique and bring some fun to what the motorsport podcast space.

“At the same time, what we do best at Speedcafe is news and analysis, and that's where The Hard Card comes in, with some of the biggest names in the sport having their say.

“Role Models is another exciting addition because it's a great opportunity to share the stories of all the collectors out there, who are some of the most hardcore motorsport fans.

“To have the support of Authentic Collectables is great and we've got a very exciting year ahead.”