1:18 Scale Holden VN Commodore SS Model Development Update

We have received lots of questions about our upcoming 1:18 scale Holden VN Commodore SS recently and we're excited to share an update which includes images featuring some of the various prototype samples we have worked on during the course of developing this model.

As any long term model collector probably knows, developing and producing a brand new detailed die-cast model with opening parts from the ground up isn't simply an overnight endeavour. It's an exhaustive, expensive and time consuming process which requires a number of key stages during the development process, each just as critical as the next to the overall authenticity and quality of the end product.

Perhaps the most critical stage of producing a new model is the early stages of development where the level of research and attention to detail to the project will have a significant impact later in the process. Some of the key steps in the early stages of development for this model included our R&D team spending extensive time researching this car, scanning and photographing an original VN SS in perfect condition to use as our 'mule' to replicate, reviewing 3D model data and then examining and commenting on a 3D printed hand sample to iron out any issues prior to committing to the real tooling of the model - which is essentially the point of no return!

Once the early stages of development have been completed and the 3D printed hand sample has been signed off, we then move into a phase of prototype samples which are produced using the real, newly manufactured set of tooling.

The two samples pictured together in the images above include the base metal 1st shot prototype (which is the first metal sample we receive and then provide feedback on, mainly relating to part fitment and the general build) and the 1st decorated sample (which we receive after approving the previous 1st shot version with more of the focus on finishing and detail). This is a snap shot illustrating two very important steps in the model making process - a process which can take many, many months in its own right of going back and forth with the factory improving or addressing issues relating to anything from part fit, colour, finishing, quality, detail and more.

Eagle eyed collectors will be able to note a number of differences between the 1st decorated sample in the above images Vs the 2nd decorated sample in the images below which features significant improvements and updates.

This 2nd decorated sample is our most recent sample and will be the last one we receive before the final production sample - which will be the version of the model collectors will eventually have sitting in their own collections. Overall, this sample is very good, however there's still various bits and pieces which have been discussed with the factory to correct or fine tune prior to production.

So as you can see, work on the 1:18 Holden VN Commodore SS model has steadily progressed and we're getting very close to production now.

We're currently expecting this model to arrive around April - June and is set to be released after another one of our brand new 1:18 Holden Commodore road car models, the VE SS-V Series, which is now In Transit and can be seen here.

Stay tuned for the release - both here on our website and through your local stockists - and thanks as always for your support, we hope you enjoyed the update.

Oh, and just wait until you see what's next!